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7 Top Dividend Stocks to Load up on as Winter Sets In

There’s a tremendous amount of disagreement in the markets right now with respect to where the economy could be headed from here. Concerns related to…



This article was originally published by Investor Place

There’s a tremendous amount of disagreement in the markets right now with respect to where the economy could be headed from here. Concerns related to inflation, overvaluation, and an eventual end to the existing accommodative monetary and fiscal stimulus measures have some investors considering taking the foot off the gas. Or, they’re looking at defensive dividend stocks to load up on heading into the winter.

Such a view certainly makes sense. Anything growth related has outperformed for so long, value has to catch up. At least, that’s the theory among many value investors who have been pushed aside for the past decade.

That said, technological innovation continues to drive the global economy. Perhaps taking an “all-in” or “all-out” approach doesn’t make sense. I’d agree with that view. However, easing off the gas and into some safer, dividend-paying stocks certainly seems like a prudent idea right now.

However, picking the best dividend stocks that provide not only income but capital appreciation potential — that’s a bit more difficult. These top seven stocks are ones on my watch list right now as potential additions in the near future. Let’s dive into why these companies provide a great defensive posture, while also providing decent upside potential in the years to come.

  • Nestle (OTCMKTS:NSRGY)
  • McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD)
  • AT&T (NYSE:T)
  • PepsiCo (NASDAQ:PEP)
  • Iron Mountain (NYSE:IRM)
  • Altria (NYSE:MO)
  • Target (NYSE:TGT)

Top Dividend Stocks: Nestle (NSRGY)

Source: Jer123 /

Nestle is a conglomerate for conglomerate fans. A company with over $95 billion in annual sales and 273,000 employees globally, Nestle is one of the largest portfolios of food brands globally. This company’s highly-diverse product portfolio includes top-notch brings such as Nespresso, Smarties, Kit Kat, Stouffer’s, and Nesquik.

Personally, I’m a fan of Nestle’s products. But I’m also a fan of this company’s dividend. Currently, NSRGY stock pays a dividend yield of 2.3%. Not super juicy, I know.

However, this is a company that has relentlessly raised its dividend over the past decade. Accordingly, investors who have held steady have seen impressive yields materialize over time. It’s also worth noting that this is a company that’s seen an average yield closer to 3% over the years.

Thus, Nestle’s current dividend state is related to the capital appreciation this stock has seen over the years. That’s not a bad thing. For long-term investors seeking total return, Nestle has proven to be a stock worth considering on any dips, to lock in that bond-like yield.

McDonald’s (MCD)

A McDonald's (MCD) burger box and fries rest on a flat surface.Source: 8th.creator /

Speaking of bond-like yields, McDonald’s is perhaps one of the most defensive stocks in the world, providing dividend stability like few other companies. Additionally, like many of the companies on this list, McDonald’s has a track record of more than four decades of continuous dividend growth.

I like dividend growth. But I also like McDonald’s positioning in the quick service restaurant space. The moat around this company’s core business is impressive. Indeed, the brand value associated with the McDonald’s name is really second to none in the market right now.

The entrenched nature of McDonald’s as a way of life for so many globally has made this company’s cash flows nearly as predictable as those of fixed income securities. Accordingly, it’s not surprising to note that the yield on MCD stock is relative low right now. Currently, investors pick up a yield of only 2.2% at the time of writing.

However, compared to where bond yields are at, that’s pretty decent. And given the potential upside McDonald’s could see as the global economy truly reopens following this pandemic, this is a stock with some nice growth upside as well.

Top Dividend Stocks: AT&T (T)

A photo of an AT&T office building.Source: Roman Tiraspolsky /

Sticking with the ultra-defensive dividend stocks space, AT&T is a company worth looking at. However, unlike other names on this list, T stock is among the highest-yielding dividend stocks on my radar right now.

Higher dividend yields can signal investors believe said company may not be able to pay out this yield over time. That, or investors don’t like the growth prospects of said company. Both might be true in the case of AT&T.

There’s not necessarily a lot of growth potential with this telecommunications player. This is a legacy business, and one many growth investors have simply moved on to. The returns provided by various hyper-growth stocks of late have made this so.

However, being able to pick up a dividend yield of 8.4% is extremely attractive to many investors. There are real arguments to be made why this yield is too high. Accordingly, this is a stock I think could see some material capital appreciation in the quarters to come, if this yield is recognized by the market.

PepsiCo (PEP)

Cans of PepsiCo's (PEP) Pepsi soda are in a bucket of ice.Source: suriyachan /

In the food and beverage space, there are few better long-term bets than Pepsi. This is a company that’s been on my radar for a long time, for a number of reasons. However, Pepsi’s status as a dividend stock paying a 2.6% yield has something to do with this.

Pepsi has proven itself as a dividend growth play over the long-term. Indeed, over the past decade, the popular soda brand has raised its dividend by an average of 8.2% per year. Accordingly, for those looking for reasonable capital appreciation and dividend growth over time, Pepsi is a great company to consider.

PEP stock is one of those dividend stocks that continues to give back to investors. However, there’s a growing pie that the company’s divvying out. This past quarter, the company brought in adjusted net revenue of $20.2 billion. This was substantially higher than analyst estimates of $19.4 billion, making this stock stand out.

For such a large player in its sector, Pepsi’s recent 9% revenue growth speaks to the strength of the company’s underlying brand. I think there’s more room to run with Pepsi, and am considering this stock on any dips moving forward.

Top Dividend Stocks: Iron Mountain (IRM)

Iron Mountain (IRM) logo on truckSource: Shutterstock

Records management services provider Iron Mountain is certainly a unique company to look at. Given the well-placed concerns many investors have with respect to privacy and data management, Iron Mountain is a company that has stealthily grown to an impressive size. This company deals with managing records, both physical and data backup media, while offering information management services globally.

Iron Mountain’s business has been booming. Like Pepsi, Iron Mountain posted 9% revenue growth this past quarter on a year-over-year basis. Earnings per share also jumped more than 20% on a year-over-year basis, some very strong results.

Accordingly, the fact that IRM stock currently yields 5.1% is something that should raise investors’ eyebrows. This is a defensive company with a strong balance sheet and competitive advantage I view as worth a look right now. Indeed, there are some strong secular growth catalysts underpinning Iron Mountain’s business model that investors appear to be ignoring, in favor of other more fancy options right now. One investor’s loss is another one’s gain.

Altria (MO)

a sign with the Altria (MO) logoSource: Kristi Blokhin /

Tobacco company Altria is one that many investors simply won’t touch. Rightfully so, given the health risks associated with smoking or using other products such as smokeless tobacco or vapes, this certainly makes sense, and I won’t disagree.

However, Altria, like its tobacco-related brethren, has been shifting away from its core cigarette business for some time. Notably, Altria reported in recent quarters that the company’s non-smokable tobacco products, along with cigarettes, account for the majority of its sales. That’s good news for investors looking for a reason to consider MO stock.

For investors seeking yield, Altria’s 8.1% yield is certainly attractive. This is on the higher end of the yield spectrum, likely driven by the company’s adverse business model. Accordingly, many analysts don’t necessarily believe this company’s low valuation will revert toward the market mean anytime soon (or anytime, for that matter).

That said, picking up such a safe yield is intriguing for many investors. Should Altria morph more into a cannabis-related play, and continue to purposefully let go of its cigarette business, perhaps the sentiment around this stock will change over time. We’ll see.

Top Dividend Stocks: Target (TGT)

Image of the Target (TGT) logo on a storefront.Source: jejim /

Last, but certainly not least, we have retail giant Target. TGT stock’s relatively low yield of only 1.4% typically precludes this name from any sort of discussion among investors interested in dividend stocks. Fair enough.

However, one of the reasons for Target’s low yield right now are expectations this company will continue to raise its dividend over time.

One of the reasons for this assumption is Target’s recent impressive performance. During the past quarter, Target reportedly brought in total revenue of $22.6 billion. This represented growth of more than 21% over the same period the year prior. Sales growth of 21% and revenue growth of 18% in other segments helped to drive these results.

As consumers continue to open their wallets for the holiday season, expectations remain high for Target. Accordingly, this is a stock that may be more highly valued than it’s been in some time. That said, there’s a lot to like about how TGT stock is positioned right now. And investors won’t want to forget about that small, but growing yield as a cherry on top.

On the date of publication, Chris MacDonald did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, subject to the Publishing Guidelines.

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Author: Chris MacDonald


Best Mining Penny Stocks to Buy Right Now? 3 To Look at This Month

Will these mining stocks make your watchlist? When discussing mining penny stocks,…
The post Best Mining Penny Stocks to Buy Right Now? 3 To Look at…

Will these mining stocks make your watchlist?

When discussing mining penny stocks, it is difficult not to highlight how well they have performed over the last year and a half. It all started with the pandemic, which pushed precious commodities like gold and silver to new highs. As a result, more types of mining equities began to perform better. There are far more of these assets than many investors think.

Many people think of gold and silver stocks when they think about mining assets. In reality, there are numerous different types of mining stocks. Companies in this category include those that look for copper, steel, uranium, lithium, lead, and other minerals. Bitcoin mining stocks, for example, can be considered for this type of asset.

What should you look for when investing in mining penny stocks, you may be wondering? There are a few critical actions that may be taken to ensure that the moment is perfect to invest in a company. The first and most obvious step is to read the news from across the world. Consider how the pandemic affected and continues to affect the mining industry. Sector news is also critical; for example, shortages and growing demand are useful pieces of information to have. Let’s look at three mining stocks performing well in December 2021.

Top Mining Stocks To Watch

Denison Mines Corp. (NYSE: DNN)

Denison Mines Corp. is a mining penny stock that just gained 2% on December 2nd. This is a mining business that is engaged in uranium development. The development business owns a 95 percent share in the Wheeler uranium project, which is located in the Athabasca Basin of northern Saskatchewan. This is a mining stock that has previously gotten a lot of attention on this site due to its consistent upward market momentum.

The corporation announced the adoption of an Indigenous Peoples Policy, or IPP, on December 2nd. The Board of Directors endorsed this, which indicates the company’s acknowledgment of the critical role of Canadian business in reconciling with Indigenous peoples in the country. This is consistent with Denison’s pledge to take action to advance reconciliation. This was critical for the corporation because it operates in several areas across Canada that are on Indigenous peoples’ traditional territory.

President and CEO of Denison, David Cates said, “I believe Industry has an important role to play in acknowledging, and building awareness of, the history of Indigenous people in Canada and the critical importance of pursuing the objectives of reconciliation. As such, the adoption of an Indigenous Peoples Policy is a notable step in our Company’s journey to bring reconciliation to the forefront of what we do and how we do it.” DNN stock has increased in value during the last six months. Will DNN stock be added to your watchlist as a result of its recent advancements?

IAMGOLD Corporation (NYSE: IAG)

IAMGOLD Corporation is a gold mining company that has seen its stock price rise in the previous 30 days. This firm looks for, develops, and manages land for the sale of gold in a variety of countries. IAMGOLD is a global company with operations in North America, South America, and West Africa. These territories are home to the Westwood mine, the Boto gold project, and a slew of other ventures.

IAMGOLD released their third-quarter results for 2021 on November 3rd. The firm released its third-quarter results for 2021 on November 3rd. IAMGOLD generated $121.6 million in mine-site free cash flow, while adjusted EBTIDA was $265.7 million. During the same time period, IAMGOLD reported a total net loss of $20.1 million, or $0.04 per share. Despite certain flaws in its financial results, IAMGOLD has had several moments of strong performance this year.

CEO and President of IAMGOLD, Gordon Stothart said, “The third quarter of 2021 saw improvement in our operating performance supported by the continued strong results at Essakane. Rosebel performed in line with the revised plan. Construction activities at Côté continue to proceed well, reaching 36% project completion at quarter-end.” Is IAG on your list of mining penny stocks to watch right now?

New Gold Inc. (NYSE: NGD)

We’ve previously identified New Gold Inc. as a mining penny stock with a lot of momentum on multiple occasions. This firm develops and manages a number of mineral properties throughout North America. The Rainy River gold-silver mine, which it controls 100 percent of, is one of its most important assets. The Rainy River mine is located in the Canadian province of Ontario. In addition, the corporation owns a 100% stake in the New Afton gold-copper mine. This mine is in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

On October 13th, the company revealed its third-quarter operational results. New Gold produced a total of 105,628 gold equivalent ounces throughout this time. Rainy River and New Afton mines yielded 60,785 and 44,843 gold equivalent ounces, respectively. Due to fewer tons milled, its gold equivalent production dropped in the third quarter.

President and CEO of New Gold, Renaud Adams said, “We remain on track to deliver on our updated guidance, and we continue to make progress towards securing the Company’s future growth at both assets. Our liquidity position improved for a third consecutive quarter, and I continue to expect meaningful free cash flow generation from our operations in the near-term” Amid these new developments, will NGD be on your mining penny stock watchlist?

Top Mining Penny Stocks To Buy?

Penny stocks are infamous for being extremely volatile and unpredictable. As a result, it is suggested that you concentrate on studying and investing carefully. No one knows what will happen to mining stocks in the market as long as inflation fears persist. As we approach 2022, only time will tell what happens to mining penny stocks. For the time being, which companies will you add to your watchlist?

The post Best Mining Penny Stocks to Buy Right Now? 3 To Look at This Month appeared first on Gold Stocks to Buy, Picks, News and Information |

iamgold corporation

Author: Jon Phillip

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The Buckingham Graphite Project – Noble Mineral Exploration (TSX.V: NOB)

CEO, Vance White and Exploration Manager, Wayne Holmstead had us out to the Buckingham Graphite property to highlight the opportunity it presents the company….

CEO, Vance White and Exploration Manager, Wayne Holmstead had us out to the Buckingham Graphite property to highlight the opportunity it presents the company. Graphite of this quality will be in high demand as several auto manufacturers have publicly stated they will shift to EV’s by 2030. Furthermore, the Quebec government is already taking steps to ensure that Quebec is a leader in Battery metals, manufacturing and clean energy.

About The Buckingham Graphite Project

The Buckingham graphite property is located in the Outaouais area of the Grenville Subprovince of Quebec. It consists of 30 claims (1803 hectares) and contains 3 separate graphite occurrences. The main occurrence (McGuire) was worked by Stratmin Inc. in 1985-86 when a ground electromagnetic survey was done following a regional airborne survey. Three diamond drill holes were completed to intersect the electromagnetic anomalies, 2 of which intersected graphite mineralization which was found to be hosted by marble and gneissic rocks.

Although the nature of the graphite on the Buckingham Property has not been determined, graphite concurrences in this area are normally coarse grained, flake graphite. This type of graphite is the most desirable of the naturally occurring types that is used to produce lithium-based batteries. Lithium-based batteries are required for a variety of ‘green’ technologies, including electric vehicles. The global demand for these types of products is expected to rise as world governments lean towards environmentally friendly products rather than petroleum-based ones.

The second graphite occurrence (Cummings) is described as a “deposit in the form of narrow bands of graphite occurring in gneiss and marble over a length of 300 m and a width of 30 m. The graphite occurs in several irregular bands within the 30 m zone.” The Cummings Occurrence is located about 1.5 km southeast of the McGuire Occurrence.

The third graphite showing on the property is called the Robidoux Occurrence and is located about 4 km east of the McGuire Occurrence. It was described by the Quebec Superintendent of Mines in a 1910 report as a “partially uncovered graphitic bed over a length of about forty feet. Some shallow pits have also exposed graphitic outcrops, presumably of the same bed, for an additional distance of 75 to 100 feet. The bed where exposed by the main stripping is about four feet thick and dips into the side of a low hill at an angle of 40 to 50 degrees.” It was also noted that “the graphite ore contains over 30% carbon.”

About Noble Mineral Exploration

Noble Mineral Exploration Inc. is a Canadian-based junior exploration company which, in addition to its shareholdings in Canada Nickel Company Inc., Spruce Ridge Resources Ltd. and MacDonald Mines Exploration Ltd., and its interest in the Holdsworth gold exploration property in the Wawa, Ontario area, holds approximately 72,000 hectares of mineral rights in the Timmins-Cochrane areas of Northern Ontario known as Project 81. Project 81 hosts diversified drill-ready gold, nickel-cobalt and base metal exploration/VMS targets at various stages of exploration. More detailed information is available on the website at

For additional information please visit and be sure to follow Insidexploration through our various social media platforms.

Follow us on Twitter – @insidexplr –
Join us on Facebook
Youtube Channel


The content of this video contain forward looking statements and are subject to change. We caution the viewer that this video is for informational purposes and should not be considered investing advice. Prior to making investment decisions, we encourage you consult a financial advisor and always do your own due diligence.

Author: MikeyMike426

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Energy & Critical Metals

EV Nickel starts trading on TSX Venture Exchange

  TORONTO – EV Nickel Inc.’s [EVNI-TSXV] initial public offering (IPO) prospectus dated November 19, 2021, has been filed with and accepted by the…


TORONTO – EV Nickel Inc.’s [EVNI-TSXV] initial public offering (IPO) prospectus dated November 19, 2021, has been filed with and accepted by the TSX Venture Exchange and has begun trading on the Exchange.

The closing of the IPO, scheduled for December 2, 2021, was expected to have gross proceeds of $5,440,292 for a total of 1,442,200 flow-through (FT) common shares at 86 cents per FT common share and of 5.6 million units at 75 cents per unit. The company has 30,355,667 common shares issued and outstanding

EV Nickel, classified as a Tier 2 issuer, is a Canadian nickel exploration company, focused on the Shaw Dome area, south of Timmins, Ontario. The Shaw Dome area is home to its Langmuir project, which includes W4, the basis of a 2010 historical estimate of 677,000 tonnes at 1% nickel for approximately 15 million pounds of Class 1 nickel.

EV Nickel’s objective is to grow and advance a nickel business, targeting the growing demand for Class 1 nickel from the electric vehicle battery sector. EV Nickel has almost 9,100 hectares to explore across the Shaw Dome area and has identified 30 km of additional strike length.

“We are excited to get out into the public markets and begin telling the world about our wonderful assets, on the Shaw Dome, just south of Timmins,” said Sean Samson, president and CEO. “The world needs more nickel and especially the type of high-grade, clean nickel that we plan to build our business around. Decarbonization is the challenge of a lifetime and we plan to source the material that will help the EV [electric vehicle] companies grow and help address that challenge.”

Author: Editor

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