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Chart of the Day: Plenty of immediate upside targets for Ionic Rare Earths

Let’s get into it. Iconic Rare Earthss (ASX:IXR) is a bullish set up from a technical perspective. It’s in an … Read More
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Let’s get into it.

Iconic Rare Earthss (ASX:IXR) is a bullish set up from a technical perspective.

It’s in an uptrend. The moving averages are sloping up.

It’s shown us that when it wants to the market can get a hold of it – as evidenced by the fierce run from 1.5c to 6c at the start of this year.


Chart of the Day: Ionic Rare Earths (ASX:IXR)

There are no immediate gaps on the chart to worry about that need to be filled.

The company surpassed 4c resistance yesterday on increasing volume, which was a positive sign. However, after touching 4.5c in intra-day trade, it has now settled back to close at 4.2c, leaving a daily selling candle.

That infers that a test of 3.8 – 4c may be on the cards.

In our view that would make attractive buying.

Given the negative response to the scoping study in late April, there are plenty of immediate upside targets, the most immediate being 4.7c, with further potential to those March highs above 6c.

Back the other way, and we don’t need to hold this below 3.5c.

The company is well funded – reporting over $11m on balance sheet at their last quarterly – with an updated quarterly anticipated before the end of the month.

We are long as of yesterday, and will manage the trade to the above risk, looking for 4.7c first, with potential to above 6c if things go their way.

Steve Collette of Collette Capital Pty Ltd (ABN 56645766507) is a Corporate Authorised Representative (No. 1284431) of Sanlam Private Wealth (AFS License No. 337927), which only provides general advice.

Collette Capital only makes services available to professional and sophisticated investors as defined by the Corporations Act, Section (s)708(8)C and 761G(7)C.

The Collette Capital Wholesale IMA Strategy has returned +24.83% p.a. net of all fees as at the end of September 2021 since inception in January 2015 (using the Time Weighted Return method of calculating returns).

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Wait for the Right Opportunity to Buy Rivian Stock

Rivian Automotive (NASDAQ:RIVN) is the latest famous electric vehicle (EV) maker to make an initial public offering (IPO) in the market. RIVN stock has…

Rivian Automotive (NASDAQ:RIVN) is the latest famous electric vehicle (EV) maker to make an initial public offering (IPO) in the market. RIVN stock has proven to be quite volatile. Opening well above its IPO price at around $104 during its first trading day, RIVN stock soon rocketed to an all-time high of $179.47.

A Rivian (RIVN) sign out front of an Illinois manufacturing plant.Source: James Yarbrough /

However, the stock soon entered into a downtrend and is now $122.14 per share. Looking at the trajectory of other high-flying IPOs, I wouldn’t be surprised to see RIVN stock head even lower.

Rivian offers the possibility of long-term wealth to investors. Yet now is not the ideal time to enter.

Rivian Has Developed a Superior Truck

By all accounts, Rivian has developed quite a unique truck. The R1T truck has four permanent-magnet motors mounted at each wheel. This allows the vehicle to produce 835 horsepower and 908 lb-ft of torque. It has a large 135-KW battery pack capable of charging at speeds of 190-kW to 300-kW.

The truck has a range of about 314 miles. This is within industry standards and reasonable. Rivian’s truck has a longer range than frenemy Ford Motors’ (NYSE:F) upcoming F-150 Lightning. For an extra $10,000, you can upgrade the R1T truck to a 180-kW battery to extend the range past 400 miles. This is a longer range than the $112,595 Hummer EV, which manages 350 miles on a 200-kW battery.

Website Motortrend rated the R1T the fastest pickup truck by a country mile. It is significantly quicker than the now second place Ram 1500 TRX.

According to the website:

“The R1T is quicker than our previous record holder, the Ram 1500 TRX, not just because it makes more power but also because of the way electric motors deliver that power. The Ram 1500 TRX needs to send its engine’s output through a transmission and transfer case to its four wheels, spinning through each gear until its 5,800-rpm redline before shifting and starting the whole process all over again. The R1T’s motors, on the other hand, are capable of delivering all of their torque at 0 rpm, only beginning to wane as the motors approach about 18,500 rpm.”

These specs make the Rivian truck a true competitor in the industry.

Lack of Positive Short-term Catalysts for RIVN Stock

The specs of the R1T pick-up give Rivian a good chance of disrupting the industry. It will then all boil down to execution risk. Will Rivian be able to scale its production in order to meet future demand? I’ve covered another stock, Lucid Motors (NASDAQ:LCID), that is in a similar situation. The main difference between Rivian and Lucid is that there are no new positive catalysts on the horizon for Rivian.

Despite being the first electric pick-up to market, Rivian is not immune to the difficulties of scaling production. The company had originally committed to a November delivery for the first batch of vehicles. However, the company has been contacting customers to inform them of a change in the delivery date. Rumors are that the delivery date has been pushed back to sometime in early 2022.

Another blow for Rivian bulls is the recently announced cancelation of its project to jointly develop an EV with Ford. This puts the final nail in the coffin of the Ford-Rivian partnership. Ford has decided to attempt to tackle the EV space on its own as it targets to produce 600,000 vehicles per year by 2023. This is a major blow to Rivian as a partnership with Ford would have allowed the company to quickly scale up its manufacturing.

Your Takeaway

Given the lack of positive news on the horizon, unless we get some surprise announcement, I expect RIVN stock to continue its downward trend.

Furthermore, the company very recently had its IPO. Therefore, there should be a lock-up period of 180 days. Once the lock-up period expires, I expect heavy selling of RIVN stock not just from insiders but also from the large institutions that invested pre-IPO. Rivian raised roughly $8 billion since 2019, including a $2.65 billion funding round led by T. Rowe Price in early 2021.

I like Rivian as a long-term play, but would not purchase at these price levels.

On the date of publication, Joseph Nograles did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, subject to the Publishing Guidelines.

Joseph Nograles is a part-time freelance copywriter focused on the financial industry. He has worked in a wide variety of industries from tech to consulting with one of the “big four.” He has always enjoyed analyzing businesses and has been a CFA charterholder for nearly a decade now. 

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Author: Joseph Nograles

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The World’s Biggest Startups: Top Unicorns of 2021

Here are the world’s biggest startups with a valuation above $10 billion.
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The World’s Biggest Startups: Top Unicorns of 2021

Many entrepreneurs start businesses around the world, but only the most successful new companies become “unicorns”—the biggest startups with a valuation above $1 billion.

Some unicorns are little-known companies making quiet but impactful strides in software, healthcare, automotive, and other fields. Others have already become well-known industry leaders, like aerospace manufacturer SpaceX and game developer and publisher Epic Games.

In total, there are more than 800 unicorn startups globally. That said, this visualization specifically hones in on the world’s decacorns (unicorns with valuations above $10 billion) as of December 2021 according to CB Insights.

Private Startups Valued at Over $10 Billion

The world’s most prominent unicorns constantly see their valuations change as they enter different rounds of funding or maturity.

In December 2021, there were 35 startups with a valuation above $10 billion, spread out across different countries and industries.

Company Valuation Country Category
Bytedance $140B China Artificial intelligence
SpaceX $100.3B U.S. Other
Stripe $95B U.S. Fintech
Klarna $45.6B Sweden Fintech
Canva $40B Australia Internet software & services
Instacart $39B U.S. Supply chain, logistics, & delivery
Databricks $38B U.S. Data management & analytics
Revolut $33B UK Fintech
Nubank $30B Brazil Fintech
Epic Games $28.7B U.S. Other
Chime $25B U.S. Fintech
FTX $25B China (Hong Kong) Fintech
BYJU’s $21B India Edtech
Xiaohongshu $20B China E-commerce & direct-to-consumer
J&T Express $20B Indonesia Supply chain, logistics, & delivery
Fanatics $18B U.S. E-commerce & direct-to-consumer
Yuanfudao $15.5B China Edtech
DJI Innovations $15B China Hardware
SHEIN $15B China E-commerce & direct-to-consumer $15B UK Fintech
goPuff $15B U.S. E-commerce & direct-to-consumer
Plaid Technologies $13.4B U.S. Fintech
Grammarly $13B U.S. Internet software & services
Devoted Health $12.6B U.S. Health
Faire $12.4B U.S. Artificial intelligence
Brex $12.3B U.S. Fintech
SenseTime $12B China Artificial intelligence
Bitmain Technologies $12B China Hardware
Biosplice Therapeutics $12B U.S. Health
JUUL Labs $12B U.S. Consumer & retail
GoodLeap $12B U.S. Internet software & services
ZongMu Technology $11.4B China Auto & transportation
Global Switch $11.1B UK Hardware
Celonis $11B Germany Data management & analytics
Weilong $10.9B China Consumer & retail

Many of the most valuable startups are already giants in their fields. For example, social media company Bytedance is the developer behind video network platform Douyin and its international version, TikTok, and has amassed a valuation of $140 billion.

Financial services and payment software company Stripe jumped from a valuation of $36 billion to $95 billion over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even less universally prominent names like Swedish fintech Klarna ($45.6 billion) and Australian graphic design platform Canva ($40.0 billion) are well known within their respective fields.

But private valuations don’t last forever. Many eventually go public, like electric vehicle maker and Tesla competitor Rivian, which had a valuation of $27.6 billion before listing on the NASDAQ.

The Biggest Startups by Industries and Countries

Breaking down the world’s biggest startups by industry highlights that tech is still king in most investing circles.

More than 77% of unicorns valued above $10 billion are categorized directly in tech-related fields, primarily in financial and commerce software.

Startups Valued Above $10B By Industry Number
Fintech 9
E-commerce & direct-to-consumer 4
Artificial intelligence 3
Hardware 3
Internet software & services 3
Consumer & retail 2
Data management & analytics 2
Edtech 2
Health 2
Other 2
Supply chain, logistics, & delivery 2
Auto & transportation 1

And many of the unicorns categorized in non-tech fields are still technology companies at their core. In fact, Indonesia’s logistics and package delivery company J&T Express is one of the few unicorns not directly in tech, though it still uses automated sorting in its warehouses.

It was one of the few startups to come from somewhere other than the U.S. or China, which together accounted for over 70% of the 35 biggest startups. The UK (3) was the next most-frequently listed headquarters, while Australia, Brazil, Germany, India and Sweden each had one of these unicorns on the list.

With constantly fluctuating valuations and technological breakthroughs always around the corner, the next $10 billion unicorn could come from almost anywhere.

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Author: Omri Wallach

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One of the largest batteries in the world – and Australia’s biggest – is officially online

The Victorian Big Battery (VBB) has been switched on just 12 months after the contract was awarded. … Read More
The post One of the largest batteries…

Only 12 months after French firm Neoen was awarded a grid services contract with the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), its Victorian Big Battery (VBB) – one of the largest in the world – has started operating at full capacity.

Able to supply 450 megawatt hours (Mwh) of power, the battery is crucial to the modernisation of the Victorian electricity network and is expected to help the State reach its target of 50% renewables by 2030.

Over the next decade, the VBB will unlock up to 250 MW of additional peak capacity on the existing Victoria to New South Wales Interconnector (VNI), which Victorian Minister for Energy Lily D’Ambrosio said will help to slash energy prices.

In addition to expanding VIC’s renewable energy output, for every $1 invested the battery will deliver $2.40 in benefits to Victorian households and businesses, according to an independent analysis.


Over half a gigawatt of storage across three continents

Neoen chairman and CEO Xavier Barbaro said: “The delivery of the Victorian Big Battery is a major achievement for Neoen, not only because it is one of the largest batteries in the world, but also because it represents another key milestone in terms of innovation.

“Our journey in storage began in Australia in 2015 and we now have over half a gigawatt of storage operating across three continents.

“We are convinced that large-scale battery storage is a vital element of the energy transition and we will continue to build on our experience to transform the grid of the future for the benefit of industry and consumers across Australia and around the globe.”

The VBB has more than three times the capacity of the world’s first utility scale battery, which was built at the Hornsdale Power Reserve in South Australia by Neoen and Tesla in 2017.

At the time Hornsdale Power Reserve had 100 megawatts capacity but these days it is capable of delivering 150 MW or 189 megawatt hours after an expansion last year.


Grid stability during the peak of summer

Neoen said the VBB has a 250 MW System Integrity Protection Scheme (SIPS) contract with the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

Under the contract, the battery – which is owned by Neoen and delivered in partnership with Tesla, AusNet Services, UGL, Downer, the Australian Energy Market Operator, and the Andrews government – will provide an automatic instant response in the event of an unexpected network outage, providing AEMO with an additional means of ensuring grid stability during the peak of summer.

Located next to Moorabool Terminal Station in Geelong, the battery will also participate in the National Electricity Market and support increased penetration of renewables in Victoria through network services such as fast frequency control.

Neoen is one of the world’s leading producers of exclusively renewable energy and has more than 4.8 GW of solar, wind and storage capacity in operation or under construction in Australia, France, Finland, Mexico, El Salvador, Argentina, Ireland, Portugal, Jamaica, and Mozambique.

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Author: Jessica Cummins

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