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Crypto, Gold, & The Dollar Rally As Stock-Shorts Puke To 13-Year-Lows

Crypto, Gold, & The Dollar Rally As Stock-Shorts Puke To 13-Year-Lows

While the bond market was on holiday today, in memory of Veterans…



This article was originally published by Zero Hedge

Crypto, Gold, & The Dollar Rally As Stock-Shorts Puke To 13-Year-Lows

While the bond market was on holiday today, in memory of Veterans Day, we note that short-term rate-futures markets continued to adjust hawkishly, with 2.5 rate-hikes now priced-in by the end of 2022…

Source: Bloomberg

While cash Treasury trading was closed, futures implied around a 2-3bps rise in yields for 30Y…

Source: Bloomberg

And 4-5bps higher in the 10Y yield…

Source: Bloomberg

With bonds away, algos had fewer friends to play with so the machines couldn’t keep the momo going as the dollar, gold, and crypto all rallied…

Stocks were mixed with The Dow red (weighed down by DIS), while Small Caps once again rebounded violently at the open and clung on. S&P ended just in the green…

Smart money-flow remains notably divergent from stocks…

Source: Bloomberg

Notably, ‘stay at home’ stocks have outperformed ‘get out and party’ stocks recently, revertiong lower again today after a brief bounce on Friday)…

Source: Bloomberg

Perhaps as highly-vaccinated, mostly-vax-passport-driven Europe faces yet another wave of COVID…

Source: Bloomberg

The dollar extended yesterday’s gains (highest close since Nov 2020). This is the biggest 2-day jump in the dollar since June…

Source: Bloomberg

Cryptos bounced back from yesterday’s late-day shellacking.

Bitcoin managed modest gains back above $65,000…

Source: Bloomberg

Ethereum recovered all of yesterday’s losses…

Source: Bloomberg

Ethereum notably outperformed Bitcoin today (following Ken Griffin’s comments)…

Source: Bloomberg


Gold continued its surge higher since The Fed announced the taper (to its highest close since June)…

Oil traded in an unusually narrow range for the day, ending unchanged…

Finally, we note that all of the most recent surge in stocks has been a giant short-squeeze. Notice in the following chart that both gross longs and gross shorts have fallen as the market ripped…

Source: Bloomberg

In fact, this plunge in gross shorts has pushed it back to its smallest short position since Jan 2009. The last 8 weeks has seen over 200,000 ES short contracts liquidated – that’s the most-aggressive ‘short-squeeze’ since Feb 2011 (after which the S&P fell over 6%, rebounded, then plunged 17%)…

Source: Bloomberg

In the run up to that prior trough in shorts, the S&P ripped 24% in 30 days after The Fed created TALF, Treasury unleashed TARP, and The Fed moved to ZIRP. This time, the S&P surged 9.5% in 25 days. After shorts hit that Jan 2009 trough, the S&P crashed 28% to its ‘666’ lows…

Source: Bloomberg

Buyers are about to run out of willing/forced sellers. Trade accordingly.

Tyler Durden
Thu, 11/11/2021 – 16:01

Author: Tyler Durden

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New State Rankings Uncover Dramatic Differences on Sound Money

Charlotte, NC (November 29, 2021) — Wyoming, Texas, and South Dakota are the three most pro-sound money states in America, according to the 2021 Sound…

Precious Metals Dealer, Sound Money Group Rank all States’ Gold and Silver Policies

Charlotte, NC (November 29, 2021) — Wyoming, Texas, and South Dakota are the three most pro-sound money states in America, according to the 2021 Sound Money Index. Meanwhile, Vermont is ranked absolutely last.

Released today for 2021, the Sound Money Index uses 12 criteria to determine which states maintain the most pro- and anti-sound money policies in the nation.

The Sound Money Index evaluates each state’s sales and income tax policies involving precious metals, whether a state recognizes the monetary role of gold and silver under the U.S. Constitution, whether a state holds pension, reserves, or bonds in gold or silver, whether a state has imposed precious metal dealer/investor harassment laws, and other criteria.

Money Metals Exchange, a national precious metals dealer recently named “Best Overall” dealer in the United States, and the Sound Money Defense League, a national, non-partisan sound money advocacy group joined together to produce the authoritative ranking.

Alaska, New Hampshire, Utah, and Washington round out the fourth to seventh place range on the Sound Money Index.

During 2021, Arkansas and Ohio each ended their sales taxes on purchases of precious metals in their states, joining the 40 other states that have already ended this unfair practice. Arkansas and Ohio rose from 49th and 45th place to 33rd and 20th place, respectively.

The Buckeye State made a comeback in the past two years when Ohio pension trustees decided to allocate five percent of retirement funds to physical gold – and then the legislature reversed its prior decision to tax the sale of sound money. Ohio had fallen near the bottom of the Sound Money Index, but has now worked its way back into the top 20.

In fact, Ohio now stands as the only state in the U.S. currently known to allocate a percentage of state-held pension funds to physical gold. Pension trustees’ failure to own gold as financial insurance may violate their fiduciary duties as well as the “prudent man rule.”

According to the 2021 Sound Money Index, the very worst environments for sound money can be found in Vermont, New Jersey, Maine, and Kentucky. However, New Jersey, Maine, and Kentucky are expected to consider bills that would improve their rankings in their upcoming 2022 legislative sessions.

Sound Money Defense Index State Map - 2021

2021 Sound Money Index

“Inflation is becoming the top economic problem facing America. As politicians and central bankers continue to create trillions in unbacked currency, sound money has never been more important. Citizens in states that foster pro-sound money environments can better protect their savings,” said Jp Cortez, Policy Director of the Sound Money Defense League.

“Federal policy and the Federal Reserve System are the root causes of inflation, instability, and currency devaluation,” said Stefan Gleason, President of Money Metals Exchange.

“However, many states are taking steps to protect their citizens from the damaging effects of America’s fiat money system,” Gleason noted.

The complete 2021 Sound Money Index is available here:

To arrange media interviews or for more information, please contact:

Jp Cortez, Policy Director, Sound Money Defense League


[email protected]

About the Sound Money Defense League and Money Metals Exchange:

The Sound Money Defense League is a non-partisan national public policy group working on the state and federal level to bring back gold and silver as America’s constitutional money.

Money Metals Exchange is a national precious metals company recently named “Best Overall” precious metals dealer by Investopedia, a global financial industry authority. Money Metals Exchange serves over 400,000 investors in physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. For more information, please visit


Author: Author

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Best Penny Stocks Under 10 Cents

Penny stocks under 10 cents have the potential to give an investor unheard of returns. I’ve come up with a list of penny stocks to put on your watchlist.

Penny stocks under 10 cents have the potential to give an investor unheard of returns. That’s because these are usually very new companies. And they’re generally small and unpopular.

I’ve come up with a list of some of the best penny stocks for you to check out and maybe invest in.

These all have a gross profit margin of over 500%.

However, it’s imperative that you do your research. Learn how to find businesses and stocks with enormous potential.

That being said, I’ve given you a little head start with these.

In addition, these are all on the OTC market. If you don’t know how to trade OTC stocks, or are not familiar with what they are, check out this post of mine.

Best penny stocks under 10 cents.

Best Penny Stocks Under 10 Cents

  1. SPYR Inc (OTC: SPYR)
  2. Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc (OTC: KPIFF)
  3. Global Fiber Technologies Inc (OTC: GFTX)
  5. Metrospaces Inc (OTC: MSPC)
  6. Golden Band Resources Inc (OTC: GBRIF)

Top Penny Stocks Under 10 Cents to Buy


SPYR works in the IoT (Internet of Things). The company creates software and AI to upgrade Apple products. And, more specifically, SPYR works to improve devices for home capabilities.

In 2020, SPYR bought a company called Applied MagiX. It’s a registered Apple developer, so it allows SPYR to create high quality products. The purchase of Applied MagiX also gave SPYR some direction.

In early November 2021, SPYR welcomed a Principal Financial Officer. That’s always a step in the right direction.

The company is also releasing its first national TV commercial. And they’re targeting specific demographics with two versions of it.

This is one penny stock under 10 cents that could be a goldmine in the future.

Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc

Edgewater enhances Wi-Fi capabilities. And it does this through spectrum slicing. This is where you turn one network into many channels. It creates the ability to house large numbers of Wi-Fi users without slowing the network.

In summary, the company focuses on fixing the problem of lagging due to high traffic volumes.

Leadership at Edgewater looks fantastic. The President and CEO has many years of experience with a Silicon-Valley company. He pulled the company up by working on marketing. In addition, he also did some business development and planning.

Global Fiber Technologies Inc

This penny stock under 10 cents creates clothes. In particular, it has three main channels of business.

The first is sports fan clothing. It even features something called “Event worn, Reborn.” It takes the fibers from a piece of clothing worn at an event, and digitally encodes them into a line of fan clothes. Customers can buy clothing items “worn by” their favorite players and athletes.

The second focus of Global Fiber is its Eco Tek 360. They take old business clothes that would have gone to the garbage. Then, they recycle them into brand new clothing, uniforms and suits. This is done for many different industries and uniform types.

The third is the Fiber Chain. This is the world’s first blockchain-powered method of buying and selling clothing. It is still being created. That said, it promises to connect buyers and sellers of fibers within minutes, instead of days or weeks.


IIOT-OXYS is a tech penny stock under 10 cents. It used to be Gotham Capital Holdings. Now, the company targets manufacturers. Specifically, IIOT uses AI. Plus, blockchain and other technology to help manufacturers increase output and quality.

IIOT stands for Industrial Internet of Things. So, you can see how the IoT (Internet of Things) is branching off. It keeps growing and splitting into unique applications and industries. It’s beginning to create niches and join other specific markets.

Managing IIOT software for customers, plus providing products and services is what they do. And they do it so these clients can focus less on learning a new technology. Plus, the company can focus more on providing value for its customers.

Metrospaces Inc

Metrospaces is a penny stock under 10 cents that works in the PropTech industry. If you’ve never heard of PropTech, it is short for Property Technology. And in particular, it refers to technologies that help in the real estate world.

Metrospaces aims to target the best properties in the world. Then, applies these cutting-edge technologies to them.

It owns two companies. One is up and running, and the other is still in the works. Metrohouse uses AI and blockchain to provide an incredible tenant experience. It provides things like AI-based tenant matching.

The other is Metrocrowd. This will be based on the Ethereum network. And it will allow people to buy full or partial real estate with tokens.

It also uses other technologies to automate real estate transactions. In addition, it sometimes involves buying and selling real estate.

This is a great penny stock under 10 cents if you like dealing in the real estate market.

Penny Stocks Under 10 Cents: Golden Band Resources Inc

Golden Band is a gold ore mining company based in Canada. Exploring and developing gold properties, this penny stock under 10 cents was founded in 1983. So, it has plenty of history behind it.

Canada has a large amount of high-quality natural resources. And because of this, some of the best and largest mining companies are in Canada.

This is great for investors because it gives them a singular place to go when looking for the best of the best. You don’t have to go out of your way to invest in Golden, though. That’s because it’s listed on the OTC market.

To explore more opportunities surrounding penny stocks as well as other investing opportunities, sign up for the Trade of the Day e-letter below. This free e-letter is full of investment and trading knowledge from leading market experts.

The post Best Penny Stocks Under 10 Cents appeared first on Investment U.

Author: Vanessa Adelman

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Bitcoin & Big-Tech Erase Omicron Fears; Bonds, Black Gold, & The Buck Less Sure

Bitcoin & Big-Tech Erase Omicron Fears; Bonds, Black Gold, & The Buck Less Sure

A new monster variant… or "mild, moderate, meh"…

Bitcoin & Big-Tech Erase Omicron Fears; Bonds, Black Gold, & The Buck Less Sure

A new monster variant… or “mild, moderate, meh” – well if you listen to Fauci it is too early to tell (so panic!), if you listen to actual scientists in South Africa its a nothingburger…

The markets were just as uncertain with big-tech stocks and cryptos seemingly reassured while bonds, the dollar, oil, and ‘recovery’ stocks anything but confident that Biden will keep his promise of “no new lockdowns”…

In equity land, Nasdaq saw the biggest gains on the day from the 1300ET early close on Friday. The Dow ended below its cash open level on the day, managing only modest gains as Small Caps went red twice during the day session…

Nasdaq was the only major index to erase all of the Omicron losses (but unable to extend beyond that)…

Rather interestingly, ‘recovery’ stocks did not ‘recover’ relative to the carnage from last week…

Source: Bloomberg

TWTR shares had a wild ride today after spiking in news that Dorsey was leaving and then fading as the new CEO’s history of activism confirmed nothing would change…

Vaccine makers were mixed today despite constant media attention on various pills and jabs and promises (they were all spooked a bit late on by new sthat another Federal judge had blocked Biden’s vax mandate)…

Source: Bloomberg

Bitcoin exploded higher overnight and extended gains during the day on Biden’s ‘no lockdowns’ comments, erasing all the Omicron losses…

Source: Bloomberg

The dollar bounced in the European session but was sold during the US session to end barely higher after Friday’s purge…

Source: Bloomberg

Bond yields were higher on the day but as the US day session started, Treasuries were bid and ended far closer to Friday’s low yields than its highs (the curve steepened on the day 2Y +2bps, 30Y +5bps)…

Source: Bloomberg

Perhaps most notable was the failed rebound in crude oil as WTI bounced up to $73 after one of the biggest daily drops in history on Friday, only to fade fast into the close back to a $68 handle…

Gold managed gains overnight, but after tagging $1800 once again, selling pressure pushed it back down…

Finally, STIRs did not jump on the “all-clear” bandwagon, extending Friday’s dovish retracement implying a later take-off for The Fed…

Source: Bloomberg

So who you gonna believe? Nasdaq momo or oil, short-term rates, bonds, and the dollar? Either way, we know what the solution is…

Tyler Durden
Mon, 11/29/2021 – 16:03

Author: Tyler Durden

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