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Pandemic Impact Reports

Using over 37 specific pandemic impact factors we analyze companies, industries and the market at large to develop pandemic impact reports and provide cash flow and leverage stress tests.  Our goal is to assess how businesses will perform in the pandemic and post-pandemic economy. Take advantage of our free and premium resources to help you make decisions about how to protect and grow your investments.
Here are 7 pandemic impact factors that we take into consideration: 

A New Reality - A New Normal

Key Takeaways From Our Comprehensive 16-Page Report

Ongoing Coverage

This is new ground. Our coverage is focused on NYSE, Nasdaq and TSX listed companies impacted by at least three Pandemic Impact Factors. Our goal is to build a dynamic coverage universe of companies most affected by the pandemic that grows and evolves as the landscape changes.

Timely, insightful and regularly updated coverage of the Pandemic’s Impact. Choose the right plan for you.
Notwithstanding the recent gains, unemployment continues to remain high in the U.S. and Canada. Even as the economy gradually reopens, consumers are reluctant to go back to previous normal behaviour. Spending patterns have changed as people avoid activities such as non-essential travel, dining out, shopping, etc. While this has hurt demand in consumer sectors, it has boosted savings. In the U.S., household savings rate spiked to 33% during Q1 2020, the highest ever on record and in Canada, it shot up to 6.1%.