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Precipitate Gold $PRG.V $PREIF Adds Major Barrick Gold $GOLD as Shareholder

Adding Barrick Gold Corporation to its shareholder registry offers Precipitate a significant new shareholder!



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Precipitate Gold Corp. is a mineral exploration company focused on exploring and advancing its mineral property interests in the Pueblo Viejo Mining Camp and Tireo Gold Trend of the Dominican Republic. Precipitate is also actively evaluating additional high-impact property acquisitions with the potential to expand the Company’s portfolio and increase shareholder value.

Jeffrey Wilson, Company President & CEO stated, “We are excited to close this important equity financing, as the proceeds provide the Company with a strong financial position to pursue its ongoing exploration efforts at multiple existing advanced-staged targets at the Company’s Juan de Herrera Project as well as emerging target areas within the Ponton Project located just 30km east of Barrick’s Pueblo Viejo Mine. Furthermore, adding Barrick Gold Corporation to its shareholder registry offers Precipitate a significant new shareholder with global mining recognition and substantial in-country prominence and expertise.”

Listen to my recent interview with Precipitate Gold $PRG.V $PREIF CEO Jeff Wilson below.

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