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Radisson Mining drills 10.65 g/t gold over 4.4 metres at O’Brien, Quebec

Radisson Mining Resources Inc. [RDS-TSXV; RMRDF-OTC] announced significant high-grade gold intercepts from the 127,600-metre exploration…

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This article was originally published by Resource World

Radisson Mining Resources Inc. [RDS-TSXV; RMRDF-OTC] announced significant high-grade gold intercepts from the 127,600-metre exploration drill program completed last summer at its 100%-owned O’Brien gold project, located along the Larder Lake/Cadillac break, halfway between Rouyn-Noranda and Val d’Or in Quebec, Canada.

Key highlights: There were impressive intercepts along high-grade trend #2, including 10.65 g/t gold over 4.40 metres, including 18.68 g/t gold over 2.00 metres (OB-22-308W4); 21.84 g/t gold over 2.00 metres, including 61.50 g/t gold over 0.70 metres and 21.33 g/t gold over 2.00 metres, including 42.00 g/t gold over 1.00 metre and 10.47 g/t gold over 3.60 metres, including 31.90 g/t gold over 1.00 metre (OB-22-308W7).

Current resources along trend #2 are located from surface down to vertical depth of approximately 500 metres. Drilling completed during this campaign expanded high-grade gold mineralization 400 metres below current resources down to 900 metres vertical depth.

Results obtained along trend #2 confirmed the resource expansion potential and the presence of wider mineralized zones on the sector including 11.13 g/t over 10.70 metres (OB-21-201), 18.42 g/t over 5.00 metres (OB-20-180), 8.35 g/t over 6.00 metres (OB-20-124), 8.93 g/t over 5.00 metres (OB-21-290W1), 8.20 g/t over 7.00 metres (OB-21-202) and 8.87 g/t over 5.00 metres (OB-21-187).

Radisson reported that the mineral resource estimate update for the O’Brien gold project is progressing on schedule. The company announced that it now expects the mineral resource estimate to be completed within the first quarter of 2023.

“We are pleased to report final results from the 127,600-metre drill campaign completed in 2022. The main objective of the program started in 2019 was to expand the footprint of the O’Brien gold deposit in a 1.2-km corridor located east of the richest mine by grade in Quebec. This corridor represents less than 25% of the Radisson land holding along the prolific Larder-Lake-Cadillac Break and results have been impressive with 157 intercepts grading over 5 g/t gold within 256 holes published. Results from the 33,200 metres drilled along Trend #2 have been spectacular with 45 intercepts over 5 g/t gold within only 61 drill holes. High-grade gold mineralization has now been expanded down to 900 metres vertical depth along Trend #2.

“Considering the high-grade intercepts and larger widths observed in expansion drill holes along Trend #2, we expect this sector to contribute significantly to the resource estimate update. The resource estimate is progressing within schedule, and we are happy to provide investors a revised schedule for a publication now targeted during the first quarter,” commented Denis Lachance, Interim President and CEO.

This release represents approximately 5,000 metres of drilling in 10 drill holes. Released results to date represent 100% of the 127,600 metres drilled during the campaign. As of January 20, 2023, the company remains well funded with approximately $3.0 million in cash.

Radisson is a gold exploration company focused on its 100% owned O’Brien project, located in the Bousquet-Cadillac mining camp along the world-renowned Larder-Lake-Cadillac Break in Abitibi, Quebec.

The Bousquet-Cadillac mining camp has produced over 21,000,000 ounces of gold over the last 100 years. The project hosts the former O’Brien Mine, considered to have been the Quebec’s highest-grade gold producer during its production (1,197,147 metric tons at 15.25 g/t gold for 587,121 ounces of gold from 1926 to 1957; Kenneth Williamson 3DGeo-Solution, July 2019).


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