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Trillium Gold (TSXV:TGM) Intersects New East-West Structures at Newman Todd Complex in Red Lake Mining District

Trillium Gold Mines (TSXV:TGM) (OTC:TGLDF) has reported new results from the Newman Todd Complex from drill holes NT21-195 to -203 and RV21-36A. The holes…



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Geology plan showing the location of drillholes NT21-195 to NT21-203 and RV21-36A. Source: Trillium Gold Mines

Trillium Gold Mines (TSXV:TGM) (OTC:TGLDF) has reported new results from the Newman Todd Complex from drill holes NT21-195 to -203 and RV21-36A. The holes were last drilled in the final quarter of 2021, but due to a general backlog in assay laboratory turnaround, final results were only received in late March 2022. 

This group of drill holes were intended to follow up on previous results and begin testing of newly interpreted east-west structural corridors cutting through the NT Zone. 

William Paterson, Trillium Gold’s Vice President of Exploration commented in a press release: “We continue to intersect significant mineralization as we follow up on the known east-west structures within the NT Zone and have received additional significant results as we begin to test new interpreted structures further southeast along the NT Zone. Our structural model and interpreted controls on the gold mineralization seem to be holding up well. Further work is necessary, but we are confident that subsequent drilling will yield similar results as we continue our work. We also feel it is time to commence testing high-priority structural targets both east and west of the NT Zone in order to begin expanding the resource footprint in the greater project area.”

Highlights from the results are as follows: 

  • 4 metres @ 24.2 g/t gold including 1.15 metres @ 73.67 g/t gold from NT21-202 in a new east-west fault corridor more than 400 metres southwest along the NT Zone from the Main Zone Fault
  • Wide zone of 15.5 metres @ 4.6 g/t gold containing 1.45 metres @ 35.86 g/t Au from 247 metres downhole in NT21-196
  • Testing and confirming gold mineralization on multiple east-west structures cutting through the NT Zone

Hole NT21-195 targeted high-grade Rivard-style quartz vein mineralization along the footwall contact of the NT Zone where two of the more significant results were found in siliceous NT Zone breccia segments offset into the footwall along E-W faults.

Holes NT21-196 and -197 followed up on previous significant intersections associated with hole NT21-194 (9m @ 19.73 g/t Au) and the Camp Zone Fault (see NR dated September 23, 2021). Hole NT21-196 was drilled above hole NT21-194 and intersected mineralized portions of the NT Zone with veining containing visible gold (VG) associated with galena and sphalerite, located in the footwall contact area. Hole NT21-197 stepped back to collar in the Camp Fault area testing the down-dip continuity of mineralization and the E-W Main Zone Fault structure. Both holes returned numerous significant assay results; NT21-196 throughout the hole, with VG seen in quartz veins between 257.8m and 259.4m, and in the lower portion of NT21-197, in the Main Zone Fault area.   See Figures 1 and 2.

Figure 2: Long Section view (looking northwest) showing NT Zone model, exploration block model, historical results and significant intersections from NT21-195 to NT21-203 and RV21-36A.

Source: Trillium Gold Mines


In the south region of the Main Zone portion of the NT Zone, a series of holes (NT21-198 to -203) were drilled to the north and south across known and newly interpreted E-W breccia fault corridors crossing the NT Zone, often seen associated with better grade mineralization and Rivard-style quartz vein clusters along the fault trends. The Rivard-style vein intersected in NT21-202 at 262.25 – 264.2m contained multiple specks of VG and assayed 4m @ 24.2 g/t Au. All the holes returned grades and widths as expected, supporting the interpretation that these E-W structural corridors are influencing and focusing gold in the NT Zone.  

In the southwest portion of the NT Zone, hole RV21-36A was drilled to assist in refining the model for the south portion of the NT Zone, as well as the SW Zone, and greatly extends the depth and extents of known mineralization. The hole first intersected the SW Zone showing patchy mineralization followed by a second breccia zone, towards the southeast, correlating to the NT Zone proper. In addition, the VG located in a sheared felsic volcanic section (at 695.5m) and in a quartz lens (at 705.5m), in the lower portion of the hole, expands the limits of VG occurrences cored in the project area. The E-W fault corridor associated with this gold mineralized zone is a new addition into our model for future targeting. Two very significant intercepts were received from this hole of 0.45m @ 17.5 g/t Au from 695.35m and 12m @ 3.08 g/t Au from 704m (including 1m @ 22.6 g/t Au). This hole was only stopped due to diminishing drill productivity.

Table 1: Highlights of significant intercepts from holes NT21-195 to -203 & RV21-36A. A full listing of Significant Intercepts can be found on Trillium Gold’s website (

Hole ID From (m ) To (m) Width (m) Au (g/t)
NT21-195 200 200.5 0.5 15.2
NT21-196 25.25 25.6 0.35 13.1
    147 192 45 1.07
  Incl. 155.5 162 6.5 3.02
  and 160 162 2 5.35
    224 236 12 2.23
  Incl. 226 232 6 4.18
  and 231 232 1 21.8
    241 316 75 1.86
  Incl. 242 243 1 12.2
  Incl. 247 262.5 15.5 4.6
  and 258 259.45 1.45 35.86
  Incl. 266 268 2 4.58
  Incl. 283.3 291 7.7 2.43
  and 283.3 284 0.7 6.38
NT21-197 420 448 28 1.85
  Incl. 421.8 424.8 3 2.95
  Incl. 437.55 442 4.45 5.08
  and 439.4 440.15 0.75 24.3
NT21-198 506 508 2 5.14
NT21-199 223 257 34 1.14
  Incl. 224.8 230 5.2 2.53
  and 224.8 225.65 0.85 6.67
  and 229.4 230 0.6 9.85
  and 247 247.6 0.6 6.33
NT21-201 215 216 1 24.8
NT21-202 151 156 5 2.58
  Incl. 152 153 1 11.1
    262 266 4 24.2
  Incl. 262.85 264 1.15 73.67
NT21-203 83.25 85 1.75 8.51
  Incl. 83.85 84.53 0.68 21.4
RV21-36A 695.35 695.8 0.45 17.5
    704 716 12 3.08
  Incl. 705 706 1 22.6
  Incl. 713 714 1 8.67

Table 2: Drill collar details for drill holes NT21-195 to -203 and RV21-36A – UTM zone 15, NAD 83.

Hole ID Easting Northing Elevation Length (m) Dip Azimuth
NT21-195 420400 5656370 359 342 -45 86
NT21-196 420835 5656584 365 336 -45 190
NT21-197 420905 5656679 359 462 -45 190
NT21-198 420366 5656216 366 570 -49 188
NT21-199 420498 5656071 367 422 -51 1
NT21-200 420500 5656177 367 272 -45 1
NT21-201 420500 5656177 365 572 -47 224
NT21-202 420349 5655855 358 383 -45 1
NT21-203 420354 5656037 360 263 -47 1
RV21-36A* 420025 5655958 384 947 -62 135

* Note: Drillhole RV21-36 was abandoned at 21m.


The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a licensed professional for investment advice. The author is not an insider or shareholder of any of the companies mentioned above.

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